I do not own these fonts, I have just collected them and wish to share them :)


Pilgi: here

Rix Pink Ribbon M: here

YD Pure Pink: here

Rix Wanso M: here

SM Jaejung: here

Nanum Pen Script: here

27 November, 2013 • 160 notes • ©

I really don’t know if this is good or not but I made a PSD! :D

It’s my first one so I don’t know what I’m doing…

It makes pictures brighter, like you see in the pic~

I like to use it for selcas ^^

Download: HERE

27 November, 2013 • 5 notes

Bootaes PSD 2 

Makes dark pics brighter and colorful pics softer&brighter.

May need to adjust hue or selective colors to your liking.

Download: Here.

27 November, 2013 • 5 notes • ©